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Mark David | Mc Kinnis Entertainment, LLC is a creative, producer, publisher, performer. The company has development in music and television media projects; Humble Ground, SpotlightON, Songwriters, and more. 


As a published music artist of thirty five years, Mark has created theme songs, background music and sound design for several ESPN television programs and as well developed into an editor as productions expanded.

Marks orginal creations were broadcast by the age of seventeen though it wasn't until 1982 in joining a performing rights society. The works includes 15 recording collections over thirty-five years. 

In later years, Mark David has developed as solo vocal guitar stylist and hospitality specialist, covering classic artists songs for over eighteen hundred performances since 2007, including over seven hundred dates for Crowne Plaza, voted best in franchise during term and including over four hundred dates in a southern central west coast offering, for forty five clients from Malibu to Moro Bay since 2017.

From 2017 to 2019, Mark also finished a more personal record,  Suspend, and in 2020 produced two new songs, Shine Shine Shine and Sail My Soul .

notes from 2020

Searching the heart through family, relationships and one's calling, the soul explores the waves from ego and forgiveness to home.

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Dedicated to a very special ventura harbor friend who has passed on


And dedicated to all our friends at portside harbor street corner for

supporting and enjoying the

"right out my back door" covid 2020 Spring concerts.

Virginia, John, Tony, Cindy, Terry and Riddick,

Boris, Jon, Tammy, Margaret, Mike, Corey, Amie

and many more...

(i just dont know everybody's name but please send them in)

Also thanks to all in Ventura County who shared

"food for the soul" from 2017 to 2020.


Mark David


This song is produced in part by 

Mark David original patreon members

Sheri Smith

Micheal Kaiser

ReNae Patterson

Stephanie Luker

Phillip Woodall

Robin Pitgliano

Brandi Nakila

Seth Pinkerton

Nan Renaud

Michael Joseph

Jon Paquet

Bob Hagberg

A very special thanks to you!

Performed by

Mike Holowacth on drums.

Jeff Gross on percussion.

Gary Wicks on upright bass,

Rob Smith on dobro, mando, lap steel, electric guitar, 

Michael Rosen on harmonica 

Mark David on acoustic guitar and vocals. 

Co produced Engineered by Jeff Gross

Jeff's Udu

Mark David McKinnis

 Creative Artist

Producer, Performer, Publisher

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McKinnis Entertainment, LLC

1500 Palma Drive

Ventura, CA 93003

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