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1986 Make A Memory Theme Song

“Good times start, from the heart, share this time with me…”

Around the mid 80’s my brothers and I attempted to start a band called ‘Classified’, since each of us had a connection to music and performing. We all had different skills like singing and playing instruments so we wanted to combine our talents and make music together. We quickly learned that while our talent complemented each other our goals were different. At that age our egos may have gotten a bit in the way, so we collectively decided to no longer pursue music together as a group.

Naturally, as a songwriter, this experience with my family created the opportunity for me to express my feelings about what happened in a song. So I wrote the lyrics to what would become “Make A Memory” in reference to my brothers and I looking back at our brief band experience as a positive memory.

Then one day my dad, who I was already working with on his productions, asked me about any new projects I had in the pipeline. I had recently finished the tune to “Make A Memory” and initially I didn’t think a lyrical song was the type of music he would connect with but I let him hear it. To my surprise he enjoyed it and later called me to let me know he wanted to use the song as the new theme for his show “The Fishin’ Hole”.

When recording the track we initially tried different vocalists to sing but my brother, Matt McKinnis, added his voice and it fit just right. Then to complete the ‘Classified’ reunion our brother Mike played the bass line for the song. So even though our group may have disbanded, we will forever have this song written about the experience that we created together.

The additional musicians who helped create the song included Andrew Frye, who gigged with me in Hot Springs, Arkansas, playing the keyboard on the DX7 (remember those?). Also on saxophone was Big Al, who I met in Magic Springs that year on the ‘Shake, Rattle, and Roll Show’.

This version of the theme song began being used on the show in 1986 and was used through 1991. In the intro there are images of our family, a statue of my dad’s favorite dog, the dachshund, and voiceovers including Forest Wood. The song itself was created from a moment of separation but became the backing to a visual of our family being connected.

“So much time is taken for granted, we can’t let this time slip away.”


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