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About Mark David McKinnis

When Mark David McKinnis picked up a guitar at age ten, he didn’t know then that the songs and music he was creating would become a talent synced with outdoor television programs.


Even before Mark entered high school, songs like Flying Sky High and music like Morning Silence, became part of the original music library of The Fishin’ Hole, his father’s five state syndicated outdoor television production.


Graduating high school in 1979, the theme song The Fishin’ Hole Breakdown, and songs like That’s Just Fishin’, were featured in the series just as ESPN was in its infancy. The Fishin’ Hole was picked up in 1982 becoming the second longest running show on ESPN by year 2000.

Studying classical guitar at Drury College in Springfield, Missouri then later moving to Nashville in 1981, Mark studied voice, guitar, composition, and recording at Belmont College. 

He continued creating music for The Fishin’ Hole, organized a working band with his brother, Mike, created sports music tracks for a niche library company, and performed in Nashville as well as theme parks in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and Hot Springs, Arkansas before settling in 1984 in Little Rock, Arkansas. 

As ESPN partnered with the production services of his fathers company, J.M. Associates in Little Rock, Mark organized a studio and with both his brothers and area musicians, continued to produce songs and music for the production. A new theme, Make a Memory, and feature songs like Northern Lights and Callin’ Me Home, as well as dozens of others, became part of the music library created for the series. In 1987, the feature song Silence, was nominated for a cable ACE Award.

Through the 80’s and 90’s, Mark continued development as a music producer, sound designer, and video editor for The Fishin’ Hole, Timber Sports, ESPN Outdoors, Great American Events, espn2, World Racquetball, Iditarod, FLW Tour and Water Dog. 

​By the turn of the century, Mark continued the family television tradition, branching out to produce projects that centered on promoting musicians:

  • Songwriters; a day in the life story featuring Bud Lee, co-songwriter of Friends in Low Places

  • SpotlightON; a music television series hosted by Chris King featuring fantastic songwriters such as Nelly McKay, Keith Sykes, Jim Bianco, Jason White and Jimbo Mathus, was independently syndicated with ABC affiliates and then went on the Ovation TV Network in 2009.

  • Humble Ground; a lifestyle series pilot featuring Ventura California and hosted by Scotty Morris of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.

Mark’s focus in creating music evolved over four decades. A library of music creations for what became twenty-five years of family productions delivered to ESPN, to several collections of original and cover recordings as songwriter, producer, and performing artist.


Mark’s 2000+ appearances as a vocal guitar stylist include a full time three years, six nights a week appearance at the Crowne Plaza in Little Rock, AR, voted best in the franchise. It also includes over 600 appearances for dozens of clients in California from Malibu to Solvang since moving to Ojai, California in 2015.

Most recently Mark is appearing with a developing collection of great musicians he calls, Soul Stingers.

Mark’s original songwriting and recording collections from 1977-2023 include; Down by The River, Hey Little Girl, I See You, Given a Dog a Bone, Mr. Bones, Undercover, Suspend, Ojai Sessions, Soul Stingers and more. Most recent recordings are being made available on most digital platforms as Mark David & the Soul Stingers.

Mark cannot remember a time when making music wasn’t a way of life. An ageless and never-ending passion and profession.


Mark and/or a combination of Soul Stingers are available for private events and partnering opportunities.


Mark David McKinnis aka Mark David

McKinnis Entertainment, LLC.

226 W Ojai Ave 101-516

Ojai CA 93023


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