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Changing winds at Delgado's

California has a host of small and charming towns along its coastline and that includes the city of Carpinteria. It is such a great beach town with some of the friendliest people. Delgado’s Mexican Restaurant has been a staple in the town since 1965. It is a family run business that started from a small gas station that doubled as a meat market. Then the family, as a second business, opened up the restaurant to serve meals with a tortilla shop attached. During that entire history they had never hired a live musician to appear regularly at their venue they told me - until I came along.

In 2017 I was looking for places to partner with and plan gigs with, in each town in the area. I was successful with a couple locations, Malibu and Ojai, but not everybody could see the vision for how live music wasn’t just an expense for them, but was rather a marketing asset. When I went to Delgado's I knew it would be a hard sell but I kept pushing. They had never had a live musician before and they were a successful restaurant, so they didn’t immediately see the need. The owner, Christina Castellanos, was someone I had to work hard to convince but then one day she agreed that I could play, just for tips, on the outside patio of their location. Then surely enough she noticed a change. People would hear me play and it would help the business with more repeat people coming in to patronize the restaurant when I played.

I felt like I subtly installed a new feeling about a musician for Christina, staff and patron of Delgados in Carpinteria. I felt my service provided a good opportunity to the restaurant and that many patrons are there to enjoy it. And my tip jar showed this. I had found a niche that was working and Delgado's did take a chance on me and it reflected back positively.

With the success of my Sunday morning, Tuesday or Wednesday evening hour sets, I was able to partner with Christina and Delgado's fairly officially.

Over time, before a change due to the pandemic, I appeared in up to 75 sets with Delagado's. They went from no hired live music to a soul sting each week through different months of time.

I placed this note to Christina, her staff and patrons at years end in 2019. I am grateful!


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