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Creating "Nowhere"

“Feeling left behind. Nowhere…Better than somewhere without you”

Those words I sang with a live trio for the first time in Carbonite Studio were a message back to myself from the love I had lost. The title, "Nowhere," spoke volumes about the anxiety I was feeling in writing out the song. My recent life experiences included a separation, a passing father, the global pandemic, and the stress of surviving in an intense California economic and travel challenge. I channeled the whirlwind of emotions wanting to be with the person I loved and chasing to find her…nowhere.

Born from this chaos, I collaborated with Jason Mariani one of the owners of Carbonite Studios and a fantastic audio engineer, to record "Nowhere". On drums is Austin Beede with Gary Wicks on upright bass. It was great capturing the raw essence of our performance. Everyone agreed to attempting to get a live take recording and mix on three songs in this day which was an added challenge.

Added overdubs in the mix were sent in from Andrew Fry on organ, and Jeff Lindsky on the ukulele. And of course I had to ask Jason to correct a couple of my vocal tunings which worked amazingly well. This final song and mix encapsulates my frantic emotions during this period of intense personal changes.

“Nowhere" became more than just a song; it was a therapeutic release. A reflection of my inner turmoil poured out in heart. As I listen back to the recording of "Nowhere," I'm reminded of the journey that brought that song through me, and the resilience that continues to carry me forward, one soul sting at a time.

Stream “Nowhere” Here


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