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Gary Wicks

Google Search: “Best Upright Bass Player in LA”

Result: Gary Wicks

A simple Google search at the top of 2020 is how I found Gary Wicks who is one of the most talented upright bass players in the industry. I wanted to start contacting people to do sets, sessions, and rehearsals with me as Soul Stingers. When talking about it with my brother Mike, who used to perform with me in the young days, he suggested I just Google who in the area could fit. I was glad that I was able to find Gary, who had finished several years touring with The Manhattan Transfer. He is very talented and is a second generation musician as his father was also a bassist. Gary uses a killer bass that has a sound to it without even being touched.

For our projects Gary worked on "Northern Lights", "Make A Memory", “Sail My Soul”, “Shine, Shine, Shine”, and the live sessions at Carbonite Studios, Nowhere, High on the Mountain, Drifting in Reality. He also recorded tracks on covers, "Long December" and "In Your Eyes".

For the recorded tracks he did such an amazing job showing his deep musical sense and adding his unique style to each record. He really impressed me with the creative choices that I didn’t expect but really enjoyed, like the choice in fourth bar of "Sail My Soul" and several lines in "Shine Shine Shine".

Gary and I continued to build together live multiple times including events at the Ojai Libbey Park and the Ojai Valley Women’s Club.

Gary keeps busy being a member of the group “Is That You”, working on soundtrack scores like on the film “The Estate”, he owns a social learning community called Gary’s Bass Squad, and he does compositions under the Bassygroove Productions title.

I really look forward to working with him in the future and am thankful for the work he did on the Soul Stinger records.

You can learn more about Gary at


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