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Harvest Moon in Gestation III at Palisades Park

"And the moon is climbin’ high” on this sunny day in Palisades Park. Inside the Gestation III wooden sculpture that sits on the shore of the Sant Monica coast, we’re making a blend of tonal rhythm using this Neil Young song for inspiration. The contrast of the smooth sounds dedicated to the radiance of the moon light with the stunning sunshine makes this one of my favorite experiences. This woven fixture is most known for watching the winter solstice sun set, but today it’s providing us with the best acoustics. Michael Rosen is the featured harmonica soloist as he is connecting soulfully with our rendition of “Harvest Moon”. Also represented in musical presence is Todd Richmond on bass and Bill Flores on dobro, whose sound was added to lift the recording to additional heights. At the start of the year we already have an amazing highlight filmed by the talented Michael McKinnis.

If you’re ever in Palisade Park walk inside this art piece to hear some amazing resonance or walk further down and you may see us and "know where the music's playin’"

Stream Soul Stingers Here


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