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Hey Little Girl

“Hey little girl. Did your mom ever tell you, beware of that boy who dreams his life away?”

Creating music can be very challenging. Trying to take a personal feeling and experience to place into words can be creatively taxing. Then having to match the tune in your mind to a sound in reality can be difficult. When I was younger I struggled to get good recordings. While it’s easy to sometimes want to step away when it doesn’t come out right, as a musician going through the journey to find the right sound is a part of you.

With the song “Hey Little Girl” I went through the challenge of getting the recording just right. It took several attempts with different styles and vocals, but after multiple takes I created a version in 1988 that I felt captured the spirit of the song.

“Hey Little Girl” is the story of a narrator speaking to a little girl growing up and learning. It features questions to the little girl asking her about the lessons her parents gave her to prepare her for life and love. The lyrics flow as a message to every woman growing into her own because “in every life there comes this kind of season”.

This recording features the then new version of the band, Classified, and includes Chuck Young on drums, Ivan Yarborough on bass, Gerald Johnson on saxophone, and Andrew Frye on keyboards.

The video for the song, footage from our families old 8mm camera that my mom recorded, features clips of my sister who represents the muse for the video idea. In the four minute homestyle video it showcases heartfelt memories of our family doing different activities like riding bikes, playing toy guitars, and dancing.


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