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In Your Eyes at Cold Spring Tavern

With such a rich and distinct history, the Cold Spring Tavern was an excellent place for us to have our team do an outdoor set. This was almost 7 months in the making and it came together so “wonderful!” [as referenced by the bar manager at the video’s ending]. Just like our group, the artful pieces that create the character of this historic venue are made up of items found across the world. Similar to the talented artist in the original recording of “In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel, our cover features an African vocalist, Tendo Gloria Maugga. Our other talented players include Martin Young on guitar, Michael Rosen on harmonica, Jeff Gross on cajon, Todd Richmond on fretless bass, Bill Flores on dobro, and myself Mark David on guitar, vocals, and foot thump. This was a super fun and chill afternoon set in a great location….and unlike John Cusack we didn’t need a boombox to get the crowds attention.

Stream Soul Stingers HERE


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