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Like “A Cool Breeze”

Heartbreak is a powerful emotion and like a lot of the recordings of this time in my life, I wrote “Cool Breeze” based on my separation. I felt like she left me feeling on the inside, like the outside feeling of a California cool breeze. The song starts with a low and increasing “Cool Breeze, Cool Breeze, blowin' California” and continues as layered stacks in a loop, as more of a sonic mantra. The feature guitarist is Rob Smith, who laid down the most inspiring set of guitar, dobro and mandolin tracks for my entire Suspend recording. He really delivers a masterfully unique acoustic guitar break in the middle of the song.

It includes multiple recording arrangements from Martin Young who provided the recording of my vocals and guitar using his studio in Ojai and Jeff Gross on udu in his studio in Tarzana. I captured Lorenzo Martinez congas and my fretless bass ukelele using a remote zoom recording deck, and we mixed the final tracks in Jeff's studio. I appreciate each of these musicians for their talent and helping bring “Cool Breeze” to life.

Stream "Cool Breeze" Here


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