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Mark David with Black Angus Steakhouse

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

I know they were a little surprised when I came in and told the general manager I could enhance their business with my music hospitality service but then..., I received a call from the district manager couple weeks later who seems very excited about the idea of trying in Ventura and was kind enough to meet with me.

I had been scouting for a location in Ventura with a nice room and all age family eating to develop a music set once a week. The room is all wood, with wooden booths and carpeted floors, and a perfect spot to set up in the center so sound might possibly carry really nice with a clean acoustic system. We'll see. Then throw in that I love to cover some of the southern sounds and Black Angus is a match for Thursdays.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to spread a little "food for the soul". I know we will build an enjoyable night of hospitality. Thanks to everyone with Black Angus Steakhouse.

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