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SpotlightON - Great Places to Play: Libbey Park

Most known for hosting the Ojai Music Festival and The Ojai tennis tournament, Libbey Park is a local gem. Within the park is the Libbey Bowl which is a beautiful stage where talented musicians such as Lyle Lovett and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy have performed. However right in front of that historic structure are pathways that I found to be a great place to practice music and meet people.

On the pathway are benches near the fountain where I have sat many times and enjoyed the setting. My harmonica buddy Michael Rosen and I performed here regularly during the pandemic as a way to practice outside the house. We made several friends and were told by an amazing listener that we made her whole month (whooo!) after a performance of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah".

Besides being the coolest little park ever, we have made arrangements with The Ojai Chamber of Commerce to perform for Pixie and Lavender Festival again this year, where we plan to keep delivering our food for the soul for patrons of the park. Whether we are rehearsing or appearing at a festival, we will always enjoy the park and the people just like these Ojai visitors who enjoyed our set and requested to take a picture with us.

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