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Recording Shout Out! Jason Mariani at Carbonite Studio Ojai

"I just hope both teams had fun" is the quote on the graphic t-shirt worn by Jason Mariani in an image below. Well, we did Jason. We did.

Jason Mariani is a Grammy award winning audio engineer and co-owner of Carbonite Studios who has recorded with artists like Kenny Loggins, Mumford & Sons, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and Robben Ford. He is a New York native but like me he migrated west and enjoyed the culture of Ojai. I'm so glad to have worked with him and be included in the list of the musicians he has engineered.

Based on an experience with heartbreak, I wanted to work with Jason to attempt 3 live original recordings with Austin Beede on drums and Gary Wicks on upright bass. He laughed with me as he explained his later works work with Kenny Loggins was similar that he couldn't write material without it coming out as a heartbreak song.

Jason was fantastic engineer and helped me achieve a great live recording. He even engineered 3 live recordings with my talented Arkansas Hall of Fame, jazz singer mother Nan Maureen. Due to the pandemic, I wasn't able to get top line players in studio live, so I am adding players to mix after the rhythm tracks were laid. Currently only one of the recordings, “Nowhere", has been released and the remaining tracks are pending release when we get to adding the necessary additions.

I am getting less and less patient with "man against machine" in this life we live, so I appreciate Jason accepting the challenge of working to provide a quick, live cut, in and out session. Thanks for the awesome work you did!

Carbonite Studios:

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