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Romeo and Juliet at Ojai Valley Women’s Club

On this stage within the charming building that is a historical landmark, we are the Romeo’s to the Juliet’s of the Ojai Valley Women’s Club. This classic song “Romeo and Juliet" was written by Mark Nopfler for his band Dire Straits. It was also covered by greats such as The Killers and Indigo Girls. This song is one of our favorites because of the tone performed by Mark on his resonator guitar from the original release of the record and its love lorn message. I am singing on solo vocal guitar in the center, Bill Flores is skillfully playing the dobro to the left, and on upright bass carrying the low end of the tune is Gary Wicks. We want to thank Jamie Flemming and the Ojai Chamber of Commerce for allowing us to use this space to rehearse for our set. Also we appreciate Marvin Muhangi for providing assistance of capturing our performance on iPhone video.

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