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Record in the Making: Should I Beware (Acoustic Version)

This song was written and then recorded in a quick hour period on a weird foggy morning in Ventura, California, right in the first few weeks of the global pandemic. I first put the song up online as a solo recording. As you can see this was a raw moment where I wanted to capture the feeling of the lyrics that I had written in the previous hour. The solarized filter was purposefully added to the video footage so that the focus could remain on the feel of the song and not on a polished performance look. I performed two quick takes and made one edit in the track between the two.

As a performer I just feel the song has some soul in its performance, and as an editor I believe parts of the song could be synced to film. So to add depth to the original recording and expand the sound, I contacted the Soul Stingers to add their flair. In this updated acoustic version to the left, we have now added additional music elements to further showcase the emotion of the original recording. Thanks to Todd Richmond on fretless bass, Michael Rosen on harmonica, and Bill Flores on dobro. Also, shout out to JP Hesser at Castaway 7 Studios in Ventura for capturing Bill's part for us. Next steps? I’m planning to bring in percussion on the track and Martin Young on guitar (if and when he has time...).

Until the next version…woooo!


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