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Shout Out! Drummer - Mike Holowatch

“Ive never seen someone with so many drums”

Through a percussionists and engineer, Jeff Gross, I met his friend Mike Holowatch who is an amazing drummer. He also owns Mud Dog Drum Studio and is the Music Director for The Replicas Music & Production. When I needed a drum kit on the songs “I Wish You Would Come” and on “I Hope We’re Wrong”, Mike stepped in and added his heart to the track. With his musical inspirations being Frank Zappa, The Beatles, and The Zac Brown Band it would be easy for Mike to feel the musical styles needed for this track. Using a brush kit, you could see the emotions he felt as he connected to the beat and added his tone to the track.

Down the road when I wanted to record the song “Sail My Soul”, which had a drum line that was to resemble the ocean, I knew Mike would be a great fit. We met up with him at his home studio to record his portion of the song and he knocked it out of the park and did another terrific take for this song.

Mike has been playing drums since he was 5 and I learned he could also sing and play the piano. You can see his passion for music, especially with all of the equipment he has at his studio. There were drums everywhere! He said at the time he had 6 drum sets, 20 snare drums, and almost 100 cymbals. I had never seen someone so interested and invested in their interests that way. He is a very well trained and prepared musician who at that time practiced at least 2 hours a day and it showed through in his performance.

It was a great experience working with Mike on those tracks and I hope to work with him again.

Stream “I Wish You Would Come” here and “I Hope We’re Wrong” here, "Sail My Soul" here,


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