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Shout Out! Photographer - Marie Gregorio-Oviedo

I’m sure a lot of people are like me and they absolutely dread having their picture taken. It’s always a bit uncomfortable, right? You try to smile just right or get your best angle but then you look at the photo and you just don’t like it. With Marie, she found a way to make each picture look photoshoot quality.

Marie Gregorio-Oviedo is an amazing photographer who specializes in wedding, portrait, and lifestyle photography. She also shoots for the Hollywood Press Corps for events like the annual Light Up Blues benefit concert and the Ultimate Jam Night. She has a fun saying “the photo I take isn’t yours, nor is it mine; it is for your future descendants, who will look at the portrait and remark, “Damn, Grandma and Grandpa, you were hot back then!”” You can’t beat that type of enthusiasm.

She’s done a lot of great work with musicians in the Southern California area and she came highly recommended. She’s considered one of the best so it was actually a little hard to get her booked. Luckily, we were able to make it happen and she came to a gig where I was playing at the pub in Ventura Harbor. It looked a little different than what the patrons were use to seeing with a woman and her camera moving all around the performer at the venue. She was really getting into it and taking great candid photos during my set. Her goal is to capture images “from the moment the musician hits the sweet note” and her portfolio shows it. We also did photos at Foster Park where they have a lot of great areas as backgrounds for a great shoot and she shot the foursome of Soul Stingers at the top 2023.

She absolutely took this best photos of my face I feel I’ve ever had. Thanks Marie for making me look “great!”

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