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Choosing "Soul Stingers”

Soul Stingers. The name is so simple yet has a sincere connection in its creation. The authentic conversations with people after singing songs like "Hallejah" and "Angel From Montgomery" have shown me that music can sting souls. There are people who hear the words, the feeling, and the message and it makes their whole day (or even their whole month as once told) or even bring them to tears.

During the worldwide pandemic I found myself searching for the support of a group after over 2000 solo sets. When thinking of a name I thought about what music and appearing live did for me in this industry. I was then reminded of the times where singing could “sting” the "soul" of the listener or delivering a "sting" when playing or singing a song. Born from those inspirations and feelings the name “Soul Stingers" was created. It surprised others and myself that the name had not yet been selected by someone since it simply describes the true connetion of listening to and performing music. The logo also uses a soulful 70's inspired curvsive style that mirrors some of the music choices within the set list. Behind the name is the image of a 30 year old bandana that carries the many stories and life adventues where I've experienced stinging souls.

Since 2020 my sets have changed from Mark David solo to Soul Stingers and we have been appearing in intimiate settings ranging from a duo to a quartet in over 200 dates. Soul Stingers as a collection of talented musicians, producers, performers, and songwriters present a unique take on familiar classic tunes in a live semi acoustic presentation.

"What did you do today?" "I stung some souls."

Stream Soul Stingers Here


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