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SpotlightON: An Intimate Acoustic Studio Showcase

In 2002, we developed SpotlightON, an acoustic studio music television series featuring performing songwriters and compelling interview questions.

What began as a grass roots project transitioned to syndication in several small U.S markets. By 2004, now including veteran venue owner Chris King, the series broadcast weekends with NBC and ABC Network affiliates in Little Rock and Fayetteville Arkansas, Tulsa Oklahoma, and Nashville, Tennessee. In 2009, SpotlightON aired with Ovation Television Network. 


The show featured performing songwriters such as Nellie McKay, Keith Sykes, Richard Julian, Malcolm Holcombe, Jim Bianco, and Jason White. In each episode the performing songwriters, within a personal setting, delivered original songs and opened up answering questions thoughtfully. Their responses to questions such as “What advice would they give to younger artists?” and “Would they still be compelled to write if stuck on a deserted island?" provided a more in depth look into their thought process as a songwriter. This unique experience provided the musicians with an alternative to what they usual see in venues around the world. 

Airing for seven years and putting the “spotlightON” over 150 music creatives, this grass roots captivating series has intrigued and informed various music fans and viewers.


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