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Team Shout Out! JP Hesser and Castaway 7 Studios

I wanted to put a spotlight on a team member who helps with my vision since nothing we do can be completed without skilled production partnerships. Meeting people who are available and skilled to help with my music passion has been a part of the journey. I’m glad that I have found people like JP who are awesome at what they do.

JP Hesser is an engineer at Castaway 7 Studios in Ventura California, who is always so helpful when our dobro and mandolin player Bill Flores needs to capture his flair. JP helped on the Soul Stinger cut Northern Lights and other cover collections. JP also helped with Bill’s ghosted parts on a few live video recordings at Castaway. What initially started as seeing a post on Craigslist for rehearsal space turned into a great recording partnership. Thanks JP!

You can here cuts here


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