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The History of the Red Paisley Bandana

If a picture can say one thousand words, then a 47-year-old bandana must have one million words plus several stories to tell.

I received this bandana as a gift from a friend and I still carry it with me to every one of my sets to this day. In 1977 I was a sophomore in high school and in this year, I made the heartfelt decision to pursue music professionally being influenced by already having made music for TV at this point. Knowing that I am a Willie Nelson fan, a friend of mine, Victoria Harney, noticed that I often wore headbands when I played in rehearsals, and she thoughtfully gave me two (one red and one brown) bandanas to use. The brown one is long gone, but the red paisley bandana has been rocking with me ever since. When touching the fabric the high quality, vibrant color, and textured detail is noticeably different than the bandanas made today. From headshot photos in my hat days both in 1979 and 1983 to the background on the cover of a CD I produced back in 2013  “Mark David Undercover II, the red bandana represents resiliency.

My brothers and friends were helping me get equipment loaded for a concert. I'm in the far back with my bandana wrapped on my hat.

Today, the reminiscent garment is tattered and worn after years of use and travel, so I no longer wear it. However, I'm a bit superstitious so I always want to keep it with me. It is also forever cemented on the background of the Soul Stingers logo. The torn keepsake stays with my equipment rack and that's where it will stay throughout my journey. The weathered red cloth carries my many stories and life adventures much like the music performed by the Soul Stingers.

Time for a song about the red bandana, right?


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