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Todd Richmond

“What makes someone tick? Depends on the individual. In my case it is creating things, many of them musical”

That is a quote from Todd Richmond that I think perfectly describes our experience together. In 2022 I continued my journey to find great players to rehearse with and I specifically wanted someone who could play the upright bass. I had worked with a few bassists that were skilled but they just didn’t fit quite right or in the case of one of my favorite players, Gary Wick’s, didn’t have the time availability. As I continued to search for players, I found a guy who put an ad up on Craigslist looking to do some gigs in the area and he was multi-instrumentalist who studied with bassists like Victor Wooten. I was interested to speak with him and that’s how Todd and I got started. Since I was specifically looking for a upright bass player, he let me know that he didn’t play that instrument but that his skill and the sound he could create on the fretless bass would be very similar. I was interested in seeing how the tone of the fretless bass would work and I gave Todd a try, and I'm glad I did.

Todd grew up San Diego, California where like most kids he wanted to get into sports or music. Since he was 8 he started playing the guitar and piano. Then later down the line, for 4 years he attempted to be a guitarist in a rock band while having other jobs like working as a cable TV installer. Eventually he went back to school and he started with a music major but switched to and graduated with a degree in chemistry. Unlike some of the other gig musicians I work with, Todd by trade actually works in the technology applications field. Although he continued professionally in a science related position, he has such a passion for music that on most nights he's working an entirely full time music life better than most full time musicians. Rehearsing instruments to creating recording new tunes to performing with other musicians.

Todd and I quickly learned how to be in step with each other and remain constantly in the pocket. Todd is always perfectly aligned within the ideas needed for each song (as he now understands my pedal tone style on several tunes). He even starts perfectly with me with no count off, just from instinct. I think some of his chemist brain helps him be such a top notch player and timely team member. Since 2022 we have done over 250 dates together and I can’t wait to do more.

You can visit his site at

Stream a favorite "Close Your Eyes" here.


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