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What is "Humble Ground”?

From town to town, with a variety of sound...

Humble Ground is a lifestyle television series introducing you to fantastic artists and their hometowns. Great stories, great music and big production visuals bring alive the best in locations. The music artist as host, gives the viewer a personal look inside their humble ground.

This grassroots project was built from wanting to reverse the format, while still promoting musicians. By changing direction from a feature about music artists to a lifestyle project about the artists hometown, we broaden the audience and distribution, while still providing an opportunity to the music artists. At a National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference, several networks showed interest in delivery and a major distributor agreed, this series “has wings”.

In this teaser for our pilot Ventura, California episode you’ll meet Scotty Morris from Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. In the full episode he showcases his hometown from his humble beginnings at Nicholby's to touring the iconic Salzer’s Records store with owner and music promoter legend Jim Salzer. I would say Scotty did a fantastic job with this pilot. With his caliber of talent and professionalism we plan to attract more great artists and support.

Which artists would you like to see tour their hometown?


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