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What is “Woooo!”?

If you've ever run a fifty-yard dash, then you know the feeling of gasping for air at the finish line and needing to catch your breath. Well, if I sing a song, it feels like a fifty-yard dash, and you will find I have a habit of joyfully yelling “wooooo!” at the end of my songs. It helps me to catch my breath after putting my soul into stinging the song. It's sort of like a shout of victory, a celebration of survival, and a desperate attempt to catch my breath—all rolled into one glorious sound. Now, after singing 40 songs an evening at over 2250 gigs, it has become a signature habit that just happens (along with stomping on my handmade thump board). It's become as natural to me as breathing itself (or, more accurately, trying to catch my breath).

The "wooo" is now something I am known for, and regular patrons now look forward to hearing it. I've decided to embrace my method in regaining my lack of breath by naming these creative blog posts after my signature sound. It'll be our way of reveling in the experience of stinging souls and sharing a moment to take a breath. Woooo!


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