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2023 Make A Memory Tour

In 2019 my father, Jerry Eugene McKinnis, passed away after a life of building a legacy. He was an avid baseball fan and he played for the Kansas City Athletics for four years as their pitcher. In 1964 he transitioned to a TV career which led him to his show “The Fishin’ Hole”.

Throughout my childhood my dad was passionate about sharing his interests in baseball and fishing with my siblings and I. However, I had more of a connection to making music. This difference in our interests was a challenge for us but we worked together for many years as I created the signature sounds for his shows including Timbersports, World Raquetball, Flw Tour and more. Even with our varied passions I was able to learn so much from my father and apply it to my craft.

When he passed away, I understandably was emotionally impacted. To work through those emotions I had the thought to “make a memory” with my band as a way to honor and celebrate his legacy. The plan was to gather everyone together to do several sets and excel in our passions the same way my dad did. As a way to represent for my father, I created special baseball jerseys that donned the Soul Stinger logo and the names of each musician. This was a nod to his love for baseball, and even though I didn’t play the sport professionally as he wanted, I wore a jersey while playing music the way I loved to do. I also wanted to expand the group and was able to connect with the talented Tenda Gloria who helped to recreate the theme song to my father’s show almost 40 years after its inception.

In over 28 sets that occurred along the coast of California, the group came together to make a memory in dedication to our craft and my father as well. He was a talented person whose passion helped lead to my musical journey. In a jersey representing his passion, I did mine while making a memory for him.

Stream Make a Memory here!


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